Buddhist Silent Guided Weekend Retreat 7th-9th September 2018



7th – 9th September  The Truth of Impermeance. 

Silent Guided Retreat at Penmeiddyn Pembrokeshire

with Kelsang Öpel

This weekend retreat is a special opportunity to experience a short silent retreat, in a beautiful setting, with wholesome food, a peaceful environment, and like-minded people in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Spending time in silence is deeply restful, particularly if we have meaningful things to contemplate. In this retreat, we will engage in powerful meditations on death and impermanence.

Buddha says: “ The lifespan of a living being passes like lightning in the sky and perishes as quickly as water falling from a high mountain”.

Accepting the truth of impermanence is a source of inner peace coming from our wisdom and a reduction in the delusion attachment. Knowing in our heart that we will depart from this life, allows us to live our life well. To give the time and energy to the things that are important and not get caught up and unhappy about things, that if they happened on the day of our death we would not be concerned for.

All sessions will be guided and are one hour long.

Friday: Introduction 7.30pm

Saturday: 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 7.30pm

Sunday: 9 am. 11 am.

2.30pm afternoon coastal walk, weather permitting.

We all wish to be happy and free from problems and during this meaningful week end break in peaceful and silent surroundings you will have the opportunity to deeply mix your mind with positive objects of meditation that lead directly to inner peace and happiness.

If you have not participated in a silent retreat before, this is an ideal introduction. This retreat is suitable for everyone from beginners and those with experience.

Our Teacher for the weekend is Kelsang Öpel, Resident Teacher at Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Cheltenham. Well loved and cherished by all who know her, Öpel has studied and practiced Buddhism for many years, and her wisdom, skill and faith in Dharma come through in her illuminating teaching style. Öpel has a humorous and relaxed manner and is very caring in the way she relates to people.



For those wishing to stay on for Sunday evening there will be a coastal walk after lunch and evening meditation session.

Silence will begin at bedtime Friday and end Sunday lunchtime.

For more information and to book contact: info@penmeiddyn.org.uk, Phone: 01348891669, Mobile: 07900011226, Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer. There are direct train connections from Gloucester to Fishguard, collection from the station can be arranged. Directions for driving found on the website under directions.

Details of Costs and Accommodation:

For the whole course teachings: £50 ( Non-residential retreaters welcome however booking is essential)

For accommodation:

One Person – Room 1 Single £30 per night per person

Two People – Room 2 Twin £20 per night per person

Two People – Room 3 Twin £20  per night per person

Four People – Yurt 4 sharing £15 per night per person

Camper Van (two pitches only)  £10 per night per person

Camping ( five pitches only)£10 per night per person

for all meals and refreshments: £20

 Concessions are available and no one is turned away due to lack of funds.