About Our Tutors

Mark Mawer

Mark is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher who, for 21 years, worked as a lecturer, course leader and co-ordinator for the Higher Education courses and Access to HE Art and Design course within the highly respected School Of Art at Stroud College. Part-time teaching includes BA Hons Visual Arts at Cheltenham.  Mark recently retired from full-time teaching to concentrate on developing his own work which is inspired from his home on the West Wales coast; he currently uses a mixed-media approach to this work which combines the use of painting, drawing, collage, encaustic, relief and wall-based construction. 

Stefan Cartwright’s

interest in sound has taken him to many different countries and musical cultures. He’s played in bands, composed, performed and recorded music and designed public sound-art installations. He shares his work through Yoga classes and voice workshops, concerts and lectures. He is a developer of a simple musical instrument called the Shruti Box – a portable, hand or foot operated, acoustic reed organ.


is an intiate in Raja Yoga and has been working for 40 years as a clairvoyant medium and healer.  Influenced greatly by the Sufi Way of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Gandhi, and the Mother of Auroville she has followed a spiritual path since 1971 when she made a promise in India to dedicate her life for World Peace.

Siobhan Wooster

studied at Camberwell School of Art and Dartington College. She has worked in drawing painting, floristry and glass. She has recently moved to Pembrokeshire and has been working with fused glass. She works in an experimental way entertaining the qualities and ingredients in the alchemic process of melting glass

Emily Joy

Emily is an award winning sculptor based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Her practice is an investigation into the
subjectivity and loss inherent in the act of remembering.  She is deeply interested in material and uses methods of making which are relevant to her interest in memory theory such as casting (porcelain, plaster etc) and photography, recently developing work in rammed earth. She teaches Ceramic Sculpture at Stroud College and you can see her work here.   

Sue Drennen

Sue has a BA in Fine Art Printmaking and a Masters degree in Fine Art. Sue works in series producing a body of work around a current theme. At present this theme is Featuring her Mandalas.  Print is her main medium but she also works with mixed media on paper, board and canvas, and occasionally sculpturally or with video. Feather Mandalas are mainly stone lithographs and in small limited editions of up to 25. Sue has also been producing work with screen-printing and photopolymer gravure, making wall mounted 3D work with actual feathers and making some 3D sculptural work for display outside.

Simon Richards

Simon is an artist and former landscape architect. He has studied many healing and self development techniques over 25 years, training in Spiritual healing and NLP. He has also trained with Donna Eden and Gill Edwards a runs groups to practice and teach healing techniques, meditation and to share empowering knowledge.

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