Penmeiddyn is a small five bedroom farmhouse offering creative residential workshops, retreats and working visits.

What makes Penmeiddyn so unique is its subtle blend of quiet rustic charm tucked within a gentle roaming valley. An idyll carved beneath ancient burial chambers and rocky tors, only two miles from the pebbled and sandy beaches and rugged coastline. The crackling wood fires and delicious smell of organic vegetarian cuisine make this retreat warm and cozy.  

Permeiddyn nestles alongside the North Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, a natural conservation area, providing a powerful catalyst for ones' creative impulses. Traditionally Penmeiddyn was a small dairy farm set amongst a landscape of craggy moorland, standing stones and dolmen, an area that has long been a magnet for healing and mystical pilgrimages.


 Its three and a half acres of land lends itself to creative expression and exploration. 
You are welcome to explore freely and use the space in imaginative ways - singing, dancing dreaming ... We would also embrace any offers to collect wood or pick up a shovel!


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